A strong culture of learning plays a vital role in the sustainable evolution of Fung Group and our businesses. As a knowledge-based organization, we generate and share knowledge to help us grow, inspire creativity and encourage debate among our stakeholders. We equip our people and organization with the skills, mindsets and abilities needed to continually learn, change and adapt.

Fung Academy

Through the Fung Academy, we support our businesses and people to develop the knowledge and capabilities needed to compete in an environment of rapid change and disruption. Through leadership training, prototyping of innovations and strategizing new business opportunities, Fung Academy helps us build future capabilities to strive and stay competitive in this “whitewater” environment. 

Fung Business Intelligence
Our knowledge bank and internal think tank, Fung Business Intelligence, tracks, analyses and interprets market data on global sourcing, supply chains, distribution, retail and technology. Our data, analysis and specialist knowledge is available to businesses, scholars and governments around the world through regularly distributed research reports and business publications.  Subscribe to our news.

Take a look at how we are accelerating learning:


We have partnered with Clayton Christensen to explore how global market shifts and rapidly advancing technologies are disrupting industries. Disruption across the supply chain brings an incredible opportunity to open emerging markets, spur growth in developing nations and provide essential goods to a greater portion of the world’s population.


Our two-day leadership development program has been evolving since 2015. Participants go through various simulation exercises and are given tasks to help them better understand their own, and other people’s, leadership styles and attributes so they can improve how they communicate and engage with their teams, as well as give and receive feedback.


We have a customized curriculum to equip our people with the skills needed to incorporate data science and machine learning into the way they work and how they create value for their customers. The 11-week program is project-based so participants learn by doing and can create immediate impact for their business.

Design Thinking

Through Design Thinking workshops, our ‘Innovation Catalyst’ team helps the businesses learn how to bring customer needs into the problem-solving process, identify innovation opportunities, ideate and rapid prototype new ideas. Recently, the IC team spent a week in New York with Global Brands Group to understand the next generation of shoppers (Gen Z) and what the future of retail might look like for them.