As a knowledge-based organization, a strong culture of learning plays a vital role in the sustainable evolution of Fung Group and our businesses. 

Fung Business Intelligence

Our knowledge bank and internal think tank, Fung Business Intelligence, tracks, analyses and interprets market data on global sourcing, supply chains, distribution, retail and technology. Our data, analysis and specialist knowledge are available to businesses, scholars and governments around the world through regularly distributed research reports and business publications.

With our long history in Asian markets, we also advise our businesses and their partners on issues related to doing business in Asia, ranging from market entry and company structure, to tax, licensing and other matters.


We partnered with legendary Harvard professor Clayton Christensen and his team to explore the opportunities created by Asia’s rapid growth amidst the rise of disruptive technologies.

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Over 3,000 Fung Group leaders have participated in our custom-built two-day leadership development program since 2015. The program uses simulation, teamwork, and individual coaching to help participants better understand their own, and other people’s leadership styles and attributes so that they can be more effective and empathetic leaders.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We built a customized curriculum to equip our people with the skills needed to incorporate data science and machine learning into their everyday work and applying this knowledge to actual projects and data challenges they face.  This and our AI course are key parts of our efforts to build critical future-oriented skills across our workforce. 

Design Thinking

Through Design Thinking workshops, businesses learn how to bring customer needs into the problem-solving process, identify innovation opportunities, ideate and rapid prototype new ideas. We have used this framework to explore topics like the next generation of shoppers (Gen Z) and the future of retail.