We have a long-standing commitment to operate with integrity, to embed sustainability into our corporate policies and risk management systems, and to continually enhance our corporate governance practices with an emphasis on transparency and accountability.

The Boards of Directors and management of the companies within the Fung Group uphold our corporate governance standards to enhance shareholder value and further our sustainability performance for the benefit of our businesses and stakeholders.

Code Of Conduct and Business Ethics 
Our reputational capital is built on our long-established ethical standards for conducting business. Guidelines for ethical conduct are set out in a  Code of Conduct and Business Ethics which directors and employees of our companies are expected to uphold at all times. Compliance is monitored by their respective boards.

Our Commitment to Disclosure 

In today’s interconnected world, stakeholders – from investors to employees – expect businesses to be accountable and responsibly manage their operations in a transparent way. Governance is the foundation and the driver for setting the standards and providing oversight of corporate behavior.

Disclosure is a powerful tool for demonstrating how sound governance directs companies to manage their financial, environmental and social performance for the benefit of the company, local economies and society. Disclosure enables stakeholders to hold companies accountable to their commitments. Improving our performance and enhancing our overall disclosure is therefore integral to our business.

We are recognized as a Caring Company (Li & Fung and Saint Honore) by the Hong Kong Council for Social Service.


You can learn more about the specific corporate governance practices adopted by our companies on their websites: Li & Fung and  Convenience Retail Asia.