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Across the Fung Group of Companies, you can play a role in our global success. We are a pioneer for the consumer goods supply chain. Since 1906 we’ve held our people and our brands in the highest regard. Our teams thrive on collaboration and embrace diversity as a driver of innovation. What makes being part of the Fung Group special is that you're immersed in a world of people from all walks of life who bring different ideas, experiences and backgrounds. We all share a commitment to teamwork, to growing great brands and to shaping a future full of possibilities.


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No matter your dreams and ambitions, the Fung Group offers exciting  career opportunities in truly international working environments. 

Culture & Values

For over 110 years, our shared values of entrepreneurship, being humble and family have formed the basis of our culture and helped unite and guide our actions across our different companies. We are a purpose-driven organization with a desire to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and work. Our aim is to improve the lives of a billion people in the supply chain.

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Always Innovating

In pursuing a culture of experimentation, we incubate new ideas and capabilities that manifest in real-world experiments and shape the future of our industry. Each of the Fung Group companies has innovation in its DNA and our learning and experimentation arm, Fung Academy, plays a key role in creating inspiration and providing creative confidence to propel our colleagues to invent faster and explore further.

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Inclusion & Diversity

As a global company, it is essential to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world – both in our communities and workplaces. We want to create a workplace where all individuals are respected and where both differences and similarities are valued. Inclusion and diversity enable creative thinking and allow wider communities of talent to reach their true potential.

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Giving Back to the Community

Our success relies on the sustainable development of the communities where we operate. Our businesses and Foundations engage our people in a variety of community investment and engagement initiatives to fulfil our purpose to make life better for a billion people in the supply chain. The Victor and William Fung Foundation and  Fung Alumni Network all work to harness our global network to make a positive difference in our communities.

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A Passion for Learning

Building a strong culture of learning plays a vital role in the sustainable evolution of our businesses. To support our people to enrich their talents and develop their skills and competencies, we offer development programs focusing on leadership, broadening professional knowledge and technical skills, and enhancing productivity. We provide our people and organization with the skills, mindsets and abilities needed to continually learn, change and adapt.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

We are committed to the principles of transparency, accountability, independence and enhancing stakeholder value. Engaging our people, improving supply chain sustainability, responsibly managing our footprint and improving the lives of those along the supply chain are central to our Sustainability Strategy and embedded into our corporate policies and risk management systems, helping us to continually improve our performance.

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Health & Wellness

We believe in a culture and environment where we educate, support, and empower our employees to improve and maintain their overall health and wellbeing. We believe happy and healthy employees lead to better performance and business success. “Discover Wellness” is the foundation for our Health & Wellness Framework, addressing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We are committed to supporting our people to live and work in a healthy and positive environment.

Our Companies

Our companies span the global supply chain for consumer goods including trading, logistics, distribution and retail. We are focused on advancing new, disruptive technologies shaping the future of supply chains and exploring new opportunities for business growth through strategic innovation in retailing, new products, services or markets.

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Our Leadership

The Fung Group of Companies comprises more than 15,000 people working in over 350 offices across 40+ markets worldwide. With our asset-light business model, our core value rests in our people, relationships and knowledge. From designers, engineers, merchandisers, QA/QC, colorists, scientists, food technologists, sales associates, to digital architects and finance professionals, our people drive our success.

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Our Rich Heritage

The Fung Group has a rich history and heritage in import and export trading and global supply chain management that dates back to 1906 and traces the story of how Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta emerged as one of the world’s foremost manufacturing and trading regions. 

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